Anikeade Ologe

Anikeade Ologe is an e-Boutique curated by Business mogul and Entrepreneur Oluwapamilerinayo Hannah Ogunba.
  The Anikeade Ologe brand is an international brand organized to provide clients with luxurious fashion services and Middle Eastern clothing pieces well tailored to meet their individual needs. Anikeade Ologe is a very respected and well known African modern fashion and retail services with an extensive background knowledge and experience in skincare products.
  As an entrepreneur and business mogul, she specializes in modern fashion, styling and natural skincare products for all skin types with the aim of creating a memorable experience for her clients while making sure to bring their ideas and visions to life.
  As a modern fashion designer, her beautiful and luxurious ready to wear Abaya focuses on stoned Iro & Buba pieces, different colors and textures of Abaya for both genders, African materials and loads more with the aim of making our clients outstanding every where they go.
  All Abayas are internationally made from sensual and high quality materials of silk, neda, velvet, net and chiffon materials. Anikeade Ologe Abaya and Jalabia piece has been well and carefully designed to focus attention on both the male and female body’s in the most proper, yet modest way.
  Dazzle with every step that you take from the hand stonned luxurious Abaya pieces which will add class and sense of rank to anyone’s wardrobe.
Everyone deserves to feel like a Queen and King that they are.